Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love abounds ...

Awhile ago I wrote about having a safety net. How we all have people around us who hold a net that allows us to fall but still be supported, to not be coping but be enveloped by love. People hold our nets and we hold onto others. Relationships.

What happens when you are falling and your holders are falling too? How do you fall but still hold on for them? Tricky.

Every stage of life has its challenges. The season of life with young children leaves you with little time for anything else. They need you all day and often through the night too. Physical exhaustion.

Then when you get some quiet, when they are safety dreaming, the peace is hard to relinquish and the idea of making any interesting conversation seem unfathomable. Mental exhaustion.

Lying at bed at night you think of all your friends who are having a tough time and wish you could do more to help them but then don't know where to start or how to balance that with what has to get be done. Guilt.

Do we all just land on slightly tilted parachutes because a few people have had to let go? Do we all find ourselves in the same twisted pile? Maybe when we are all in this mess we find the understanding and support we need to help each other stand up. There is an understanding that the desire is there. Love abounds.

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