Friday, August 12, 2011


Do you know what I am enjoying right now?

White Tea.

A sweet and subtle flavour from the Fujian mountains.

It has taken me awhile to cotton on to tea. I still cant palate coffee (the smell I like, the taste not so much) and I dont like black tea. But herbal tea I have grown to really enjoy. I look forward to it, desire it.

I am an avid Rooibos (red tea) drinker after my aunt visited from South Africa and got us all onto it.

I enjoy wondering around T2 and trying the different samples. I love that they give you a sachet to take home so you can try it before you commit to a whole bag.

I had this great tea cup that was lovely thin glass and it had an insert that you brewed your loose-leaf tea in then took it out. It got dropped, smashed, I replaced it, the new one got pushed off the bench. Then I couldnt buy anything new. The anticipation of a new one next year is exciting.

This cup of tea is finished, so I must start the school pick up.

What tea are you drinking at the moment?

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  1. I have always loved green tea with mint. It's got the worst sort of flavour that I enjoy very much.

    I've always loved a cup of peppermint or chamomile tea and for a while there I was completely addicted to Red Zinger.

    I agree with you on the coffee thing. I LOVE inhaling the freshly ground beans, but cannot stomach it after water gets involved. x