Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taking it slow....

Today I decided would be a home day. I have on my ugg boots, old tracky pants and Mum's fleece top (this outfit may need to change for preschool pick up). The radio is going and I am tidying. It is good.

Life has been hectic of late. So many places to be and things to make happen. All good stuff but just a lot of good stuff. I needed a slow day or I felt like I would combust into a pile of dust and really there is enough things to be cleaning up around here so I don't need to add to it!

I have realised this morning the importance of slowing down and sometimes saying no to activities, even if good. I was booked in to go to pilates at lunch time, my last session in a package. MIL was kindly going to have JJ so I could go. I have been the past few Tuesdays and while great it takes up the whole afternoon till pick up time and I miss one of my two quiet times I get in the week when JJ is alseep and no other children are home.

Today the quiet is more important. I woke up feeling heavy from the to do list in my head and the people I need/want to look after. I feel a fraction lighter from have some space to think and feel calmer for having a little bit of order around me.  

Now I think it is time to put my feet up and enjoy some mushroom and avocado on toast ....

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  1. Hope you are enjoying your slow day ... Probably over now the kids are home!
    I don't cope unless I have at least one slow day each week ...