Monday, August 8, 2011

Made it monday ... birthday cake

Goofy spent hours paging through the cake book and came up with the cake for her birthday.

It is basically mars bar slice made pushed into a cake mould. She doesn't really eat cake, just icing, so I thought this was the perfect cake for her.

I am not sure I will make it again. The rice bubbles went a bit soft and chewy and it didn't quite have enough mars bar mixture holding it together. But the idea is great and I am sure with a bit of tweaking it would be great.

It also doesn't look that great when it comes back up! I look at the photo and the image of milky brown rice bubble vomit nestles in my mind. Why you ask?

Goofy had a gymnastics party and at the end the birthday girl got to go on a big disc and be swung and spun around. Then straight upstairs for party food! As we then headed downstairs to say goodbye to everyone Goofy began to vomit, on the expensive gym mat, on my pants, my hair ..... She then went home and had pizza for dinner and custard for dessert!

A memorable birthday.


  1. The cake looks brilliant ... What a shame about the ending to the party , though!

  2. It was fun! The boys raved about the gymnastics activities. Shame about the vom...