Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Safety nets....
The man recently widowed stands at the end of his bed, exhausted from not being able to sleep. He closes his eyes and falls into a dream. We see him tumbling, tumbling and then the faces of his closest friends spin into the frame. They are all holding a safety net, looking at him. He lands and gently bounces back into the air, a small smile creeps into the corner of his mouth as he comes to rest on the net.

This final scene from Married, Single, Other has stuck in my mind. This man's friends were totally 100% there to support him in his hour of need. But then a comment a lady made at a birthday party I went to recently also sticks in me mind.

She had got a Christmas card from a friend who had written something along the lines of, 'Now that we are in the same postcode hopefully I will see more of you'. This lady had responded by saying, 'There is only so much of me to go around'. I know nothing of their relationship but it would appear that she didn't have any spare hands to be holding onto her safety net.

So I have started thinking about the holders of safety nets. While the scene from Married Single Other is lovely it is not how it is in real life. In reality my friends have to have their hands on many nets. Their husbands, children, families, other friends.... As we have got older, the less time we have to daily check in to see where each other is at. In moments of crisis they will turn and hold onto my net, of that I am sure but. However, there are times when life is tough but it is not a crisis. Instead of silently falling and hoping that someone will turn around at the right time and notice, I may need to give a little call out. And I hope my friends will do the same.

Who holds your safety net? What have you learnt over the years?


  1. I loved that show (MSO). I chose not to watch the last epp as I didn't think I'd cope with it (I'm the cry at a tissue add type). At least I know now how it ended - with a positive spin.

    What a deep and thoughtful post. I like the way you're thinking and I agree. We need to be mindful of each other but also aware of how over committed we all tend to be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have never heard of that show, will have to find it.

    I have just found your blog through Maxabella loves.

  3. A lovely post. Makes me think that I should call and let you know that I always have one hand on your net even if you don't realise it :) I haven't seen the show - will definitely have to take a look. BTW: How good has Maxabella's plug been?????

  4. Very lovely post. I would say the holders of my safety net are my sisters, my mother and a few very dear girlfriends. I have called on these people in the middle of the night when one of my girls was sick...and they have been there.

    Great blog, love it...I know how chaotic it can be with three young kids. Ihave three girls under 4!

  5. I just popped over from Maxabella ..and I just love this is true and really made me think..who holds my net and whose net do I hold... I think as we get older most of us hold our own nets ..until it becomes to heavy and then we call out for a helping hand... well I know that's true for me most of the time.
    So glad I found your little space ..I will back for sure ...have a wonderful day

  6. Caz - You made a wise choice, i was streaming with tears during the final episode.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments - gave me a little bounce!