Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mummy daughter date No. 1....

On Sunday afternoon I took Goofy out on a date. Before MiniMe started preschool I took her on a date to see her first movie at the cinemas so I wanted to do something special for Goofy too.

She was so excited to be going out with just me, no siblings!

Goofy isn't as into TV as MiniMe was so I took her to a place I knew she would love - a chocolate cafe!

I let her order whatever she wanted. Tutti-frutti waffles (waffles with chocolate sauce, strawberries, banana and vanilla ice-cream) and a hot chocolate were decided on.

The sugar hit her system and she started doing laps of the table so I enquired as to where she would like her carriage to take her now.

A park with swings.

She climbed, she swung, she ran around, all with my undivided attention.

At dinner she asked if she could say grace.

'Thank you for our dinner. Thank you for Mummy. That you that she took me to a special place. Amen'


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  1. I love the idea of a daughter date. I do try to do little things with each child separately from time to time, but I am guilty of allowing them to invite a friend along. I think the 1 on 1 is more valuable. x