Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's family fun night...

We copied the idea from a friend to have Friday night as a games night in our household. We started calling it Family Fun night in case we were too tired or out on a Friday night we could do it on Saturdays. Generally, if it doesn't happen on a Friday is doesn't happen though! We probably could have just called it Games night too but I liked the idea of emphasizing to the kiddlets that it was about doing something as a family and that that is a fun thing so Family Fun night was born.

Since JJ came along we have been pretty slack at doing it as I am generally feeding her at the time when it usually happens, between bath and bed. MiniMe and JJ also don't know when Friday is so they cant keep track of when it should be!

But this year I want to resurrect it, starting tonight. Besides having a good time together, I feel like U2 and I get to share in marvelling how our girls are growing. One game the girls like is a memory card game and the last time we played Goofy was giving MiniMe a real run for her money, a few months earlier she was just the card turner but now she can really participate.

Snakes and ladders and Guess who are also popular choices. I can see Pictionary coming into our repertoire soon (do they make a junior Pictionary?)!

What things do you do as a family? Any games you recommend to play with 3 and 5 year olds?


  1. I reckon this idea rocks. We do the Saturday night movie night at our place, but this is a much more interactive option. We may have to copy! They do make a Junior Pictionary, and Monopoly and TP. My kids love card games too - like fish and snap and sevens. And we have Trouble, which is great, and we have just launched into Jenga which is heaps of fun (you know how much I love a board game!) I love that they can play properly now (well, not the two year olds but the other two). I am going to do this tonight!

  2. PS My home phone isn't working again. We are off camping from Sunday, back Thurs night so will text you to arrange a playdate when we are back!

  3. Lovely!! We should do this in our home :o) And Jnr Pictionary sounds like a great addition to your Family Fun night :o)

  4. visiting over from Maxabella;s - what a lovely little blog i find here! Fun night sounds fun xx