Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Camping in the rain...again.... the end of 2010
We have not been lucky with the weather when it comes to camping of late. You would think going in the last week of December you would be more concerned with how to stay avoid the hot house tent but no, we got rain! But we still danced!

We arrived on Christmas eve and got the taj mahal tent and tarp set up. As we unpacked our trailer of gear, another family unpacked the boot of their corolla. We don't rough it when we camp! There was even a touch of tinsel! 

A short 100m stroll and we were at the beach. Dinner at the local surf club with my aunt and uncle and we were then tucked up in our sleeping bags resting up for Christmas day. A lovely day at my aunt and uncle's new beach pad with 20 family/friends. Just lovely. Then ....

We ran out of petrol on the 10 minute journey back to the tent. Three happy little girls suddenly realised that it was past there bed time and that they would not be in bed soon and so became three cranky little girls. Fortunately my father was not far into his trip back to Sydney so he couriered some petrol to us!

Back at the tent and the girls are in bed. After 18 months, Christmas night (whilst camping at the beach) is the time my body decides is a good time for my period to return (could have been much worse, I had been in white pants all day at Christmas lunch!)!

It rains, it is cold and JJ doesn't sleep well in the tent for the next couple of night. She gets a temperature. I come home with JJ so we both can sleep. The world looks a lot brighter in the morning and it is not just because of the increased sleep. The sun is shining! The last couple of days of camping are beautiful. Lots of fun at the beach and the girls have a great time. We also catch up with some good friends. Mini is a few shades browner (the girls have figured out that MiniMe turns brown in the sun and Goofy goes red, unlucky Goofy!) and JJ has two new teeth poking out (who says teething doesnt bother babies!).

We arrived home the night before New Years eve and quietly welcomed 2011 in at home.

I feel like our camping trip was a summary of 2010. There were big highs and big lows, not much sleep, early nights, early mornings, life was basic and simple by necessity but we enjoyed being a family and sharing good times with our friends and family.

Maybe we should be camping this week to see what 2011 has in store for us?!


  1. Such a lovely blog! I've just become a follower. Maxabella has been busy sharing the love...;)

  2. Camping at Christmas... the Aussie romance of it all and then the biting reality. I'm not a recent camper - camping when backpacking is as far as I've ever got - but some of my fave memories are of camping with our Dad as children. So... why aren't I out there creating these memories for the Tsunamis?!?! x

  3. Oh great post! We have only been camping once - whilst it was eventful for you it will be remembered I am sure!!
    Popped over from Maxabella's - so glad she pointed you out!! Please visit if you get a chance.