Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who would you choose?

My choice?

Yesterday I blogged about the book 'the brightest star in the sky' and how the book is tied together by a 'presence' that is deciding on who it will become the child of. This leads to the question...

Who would you choose if you could choose your parents?

Which part of the DNA would you pay particular attention to? The 'presence' comments that they wouldn't mind the physical attributes of one of the couples but another is intelligent and yet another has a kind heart. Aim for a middle road of all three?

Would you base it on the relationship between your future parents? Being born into a family were the parents like bring together has to be an advantage?!

How about on where they are living, their jobs, income potential, faith, cooking skills, desire for a child, if they like horse riding, how long they will live, if they have lots of extended family.....????

After some reflection I think that it just as well that we don't have to make that decision. I am terrible at decision making at the best of times so I may never have been born if the vital decision of who to be born to was left up to me!

It also leads me to question - would my daughters have chosen me?! Again, lucky it is not up to us to decide!

Maybe MiniMe's favourite saying holds true here, 'You get what you get and you don't get upset!'.

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  1. It is an interesting concept isn't it? Who would you choose? Like you say, I think it is best we don't get the option. The choices and criteria are endless and many of us wouldn't have the decision making skills to make an appearance at all! x