Friday, January 14, 2011

he11o the office...

This week channel 11 was launched and I was a little (very!) excited when I saw that it was showing 'the office'. My not-watching-so-much-TV-this-year-plan has been going along quite nicely as there hasn't been anything to watch.

My brother and his wife gave us season one a couple of years ago for Christmas and then we borrowed their season two and three. This left us with the assumption that Jim and Pam had finally got it together but you could not be sure. I think their non-verbal banter is what makes the show. The rest of the characters are pretty annoying really!

The only problem is that channel 11 has started midway through season five so last night I hopped it to the video store and got the first part of season four to try and catch up. After a particularly witching witching hour is was nice to be laughing out loud!

Tonight 'the office' will be screening in our house again, what will be screening in yours?

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  1. We were just at JB HIFi where I was tempted to buy season one of Happy Days ... Thinking of e girls watching it soon ... After I watch it .... But resisted. Then I cam home and happened to switch on channel 11 and there was Happy Days, season one! (followed by the Brady Bunch which we have on DVD already and the girls can almost recite by heart ...) loving these new channels and more choice these days!