Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flour bombs...

U2 and I met and started dating during our final school years. We were both doing cadets in our final year. The whole unit went away to play some 'games' in the bush, one of which involved finding your 'enemy' and then pelting them with flour bombs (flour in small white paper bags).

My section (mainly girls) were discovered  by a group of boys and were well and truly 'killed'! As I was the leader some of the boys decided that is would be fun to tip bags of flour over me and then follow this up with a splash of water. The result - glue in my very thick long hair!

The young U2 lost it and I don't think those boys will ever think of doing anything like that again. At the time I was slightly embarrassed by this public display of protection (not helped by seeing some of the teachers have a little snigger behind their hands while trying to appear cross, although I can now understand their reaction!). U2 then painstakingly helped remove the claggy glue.

Yesterday I was reminded of this little incident so long ago. I was feeling quite unwell as I had to fast all day for a medical test and U2 was dropping me off at the surgery. We had talked about him staying or going back to work while I had the test and as I was throwing my vomit bag outside the surgery in the bin he decidedly stated that he was staying with me.

Now I can fully appreciate the protection and comfort U2 constantly provides. When life throws you flour bombs it is a great blessing to have someone there to defend you and help clean you up afterwards!

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