Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a day....

2am - JJ made her unhappiness at being along in bed known to all. She then slept on and off in our bed, her little hands gripped on my pyjama top making sure I did not move away, till 6am. After feeding her she slept, still holding on for dear life, till 7am. U2 kindly took her then so I could grab an extra 30 minutes sleep.

8am - A friend called to offer us a zoo pass for the day. Was hopeful we could squeeze it in so raced around packing zoo outing essentials.

9am - JJ into bed for a morning nap. Tried to get other two girls dressed quickly so that i could get come work done while JJ slept.

9:29am - opened work document.

9:30am - JJ decided that was enough sleep.

10am - Friend kindly dropped in zoo pass, would have loved to have had a cup of tea with her but needed to get girls to Mardi and Pa to I could get to work meeting

11am - One on one training for new job. Using part of brain not used for a very long time!

1:30pm - Rush back to get girls and drive to zoo.

2:30pm - Yay, at the zoo! It was such a gorgeous day today. I loved walking around admiring the beautiful harbour view and discovering animals with the girls. We got to see the baby elephants playing in the water and the penguins gliding under water too. SIL and her tribe joined us as well which was great.

4:45pm - Goofy is exhausted. Does not want to leave the zoo, does not want to walk to the car, does not want to drink water, does not want the CD on , does not want Mummy to be able to concentrate on driving...

5:30pm - Get home and Dad is already at our place for dinner. Put potatoes on for mash and chicken, mushroom and sage pie in the oven.

6pm - Sit down with a glass of red wine. 

What did you do today?


  1. Back to work! Whoa hoo! That must be a strange feeling for you. SOunds like you and the lovelies had a super day. Good for you for pushing through.

  2. phew! Im exhausted just reading about that lol The days really do get jampacked dont they? The zoo would have been a fun mix in there though!