Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last night I learnt that there are many ways to respond to fireworks...

MiniMe loved them, she was in awe of the brightly coloured sky line that blossomed in front of her.

Goofy enjoyed the quiet start to the spectacular but then as they got louder was, to quote her, 'a little bit scared'.

JJ screamed in fear. She was woken from the quiet of her pram by this loud machine gun sound and was not happy by the interruption and then looked on in fear for her life as she saw what was causing the commotion.

I was indifferent to the actual fireworks but loved seeing the delight on MiniMe and Goofy's face. Such wonder. A much more precious view to me.


  1. Oh, how I love fireworks. They never fail to bore me. Ever. I sure hope that JJ finds her love for fireworks soon. She won't know what she was ever afraid of! xx

  2. Ah yes. Similar thing here, some of my offspring have been known to sleep right through them despite being only metres away from them, while others have cowered in terror. Like you I can take or leave them :)