Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The brightest star in the sky...

Normally I am quite a Marion Keyes fan. Her books are normally a great light read, interesting and entertaining. The jury is still out for me on this one.

We start the story on Day 61 and work backwards to Day 1. This alone was annoying as I wasn't sure if we were meant to be assuming that what happened on day 60 came before day 61 or if the story was sequential even if the chapters numbers were not.

Then there was the fairy type narrator voice that keep adding snippets. I felt like I was reading one of my children's books.

It was all a bit distracting from the storyline for me.

So I was about to give up and I thought I would skim the last few pages to see if I was missing something spectacular. The 'fairy' character became obvious and it all fell into place (SPOILER ALERT - if you are planning on ready this book!). The 'fairy' was a baby floating around a particular block of flats in Star Street deciding on which parents to choose and they had 61 days to implant themselves! Once I had got my head around that I could enjoy the characters stories. Who would get together to be able to make a baby possible on Day 1?

The characters were likable enough but none really tugged on your heart strings and made you wish they were your BFF. There were a few surprises in the storyline and it was well written so that at the end of each chapter you had another piece of the puzzle and you wanted to read on to get the next piece.

It is a good summer holiday read (when you get over the fairy!).

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  1. I love Marion Keyes but like you this work wasn't one of my favourites. I've much preferred other ones of hers.