Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Battle with the Intruder..

The 40 minute Intruder is back in my life. I cant say I missed him and I really would have preferred if he had stayed away for good. I have been told that a baby has a 40 minute sleep cycle, where upon they wake and then go back to sleep. Unfortunately the Intruder lurks and is ready to pounce at this point and whisper in their ear that they should now wake up and cry out until they wear there mother down into coming to pick them up. However, the mother knows that the baby needs more sleep and will be a cranky pants if they do not go back to sleep and so she stands her ground. The battle begins... and I will win!


  1. Oh man! I feel for you. I didn't win the battle with the Intruder with Nugget but I did with the others. We old timer Mums have it going on huh!

  2. I am quite familiar with the 45-minute intruder (at our house). His sense of time is just amazing! :) Our girls are 19 months old, and they haven't struggled with this issue at night for a very long time...but naptime is sometimes another story. Now that our girls are taking one nap a day, though, I feel very confident in ignoring the wake-up call. With only a couple of exceptions, the girls have gone back to sleep pretty promptly. Good luck! :)

    (Stopping by from Multiple Mum's blog!)