Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day of two parties...

Today we have two children's parties (having said that i cant remember the last adult party we went to!). In the morning a first birthday party at a local park, in the afternoon a fifth birthday party at the Sydney Olympic park for a friend of MiniMe.

The first was a simple affair. The parents has invited a few families that had children from 6 months to one year old and had brought some simple nibbles and drinks to put out on one of the picnic table and there was a home made penguin cake. The children had a great time running around in the park. A lovely morning.

U2 took MiniMe to the second as the thought of having to keep an eye on all three children at public pool seemed a little daunting. MiniMe came home so excited. Her words couldn't come out fast enough to tell me all the great things she had done. The parents had simply paid entry for a few girls (and a parent) and then used the outdoor area to have a party picnic. Perfect for budding 5 year old mermaids.

I use to think that I shouldn't have a party for my girls every year but I love organising parties for them and seeing them so excited. All they need is a few friends, an activity and  a cake and they are happy. And that makes me happy.

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