Monday, August 30, 2010


About 6 months ago we became pet owners. Just to sway the balance even more to the females we purchased two 16 week old chickens and a few weeks later inherited a two year old hen too.

The girls each got to name a chicken, MiniMe's is Coconut (or Coke as she has taken to calling her for short), Goofy's went with Alexander and the late addition was called Rosie. Alexander was a little quick for Goofy to catch at first so she soon adopted the more placid Rosie as her chicken.

They can spend a whole morning playing with their feathered friends. They make mud stews for them, take them to the doctor or make treasure hunts for them.

I am not a huge bird lover and I have to ask Goofy to catch them for me (she is a bit of a chicken whisper) but I love the fact that we get fresh eggs every day and they eat all our food scraps. U2 is in charge of keeping the coop (that he impressively built) in order so there is little for me to do but enjoy the benefits. Eggcellent!

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  1. Chickens are too flappy for me. Love the eggs though! Good ol' Goofy!