Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Style or lack thereof...

Everyone has their own sense of style. You will most likely find me in a pair of flat shoes, jeans and high neck t-shirt and a loose fitting jumper and maybe a scarf.

I don't feel like I have chosen this particular look but that is has come about for practicality. If I wear any type of heel I get a back ache, I have young children so pants are more practical, I have a bad scar on my upper chest so I wear high neck tops to cover it, I have young children so feel the need to cover my post baby tummy and be able to breastfeed easily. The scarf keeps me warm and makes me feel like I've made a tad of an effort to look nice!

I feel like I could do better but I am a bit lost at where to begin. I am also a but sort on funds to revamp the whole wardrobe so I tend to buy bits here and there, especially on sales. But maybe I need to be more strategic in my purchases.

I feel a bit lost in the whole fashion world and feel like I need a someone to take my hand and guide me through. Especillay as I look into the future with three teenage girls who may ask me for guidance! Where do I find such a guide?

1 comment:

  1. When in doubt, accessorise! A cheap and cheerful way to revamp an outfit. You know me though - I lost my mojo back in the 1990s (when I was thin) and always go for comfort over style. Perhaps we need to find some fashion blogs to follow??