Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't like my jumper....

I decided to knit a vest for Goofy. She doesn't like jumpers so I thought if I made a pink one with no sleeves I would have more chance of her wearing it and of keeping her chest warm.

This was her response to the finished product...

'I don't like my jumper!'

After a impressive tantrum she did keep it on and later in the day told Mardi (her grandmother) with an element of pride in her voice that Mummy had made her a special jumper. In the midst of her cries of not liking her jumper she must have heard me try and explain that I had made the vest just for her.

As a child I remember by mother making me most of my clothes and as I got to upper primary all I wanted was clothes like everyone else. Then as I got older and had to buy my own clothes I once again enlisted Mum's help to make costumes for 21st's or skirts for weddings etc.

I now appreciate all the effort Mum went to dress us and how accommodating she was when I came home asking for a blue skirt and then one would materialise. I think I took it for granted that she would just make things for me on demand and often would ask for alterations on the things she had made rather than properly thanking her for making it in the first place.

I may not have been screaming 'i don't like this jumper' but I might have appeared just an ungrateful.

Hopefully she heard me talk about her with pride in my voice.

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