Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink dress

MiniMe and Goofy both love to wear dresses. I fought against it with MiniMe and many a morning were spent fighting over what she would wear. In my mind pants keep you warmer in winter and dresses were for 'going out'.

I have embraced the dress with Goofy and we are all happier.

However it means that we are a little short on having a dress for every day of the week. I decided to put my sewing machine to use and made the pink dress that Goofy is wearing in the above photo.

There are a few things about it I am not happy with but I don't think a galloping horse would notice (see earlier post)!

I have only recently to the sewing bug in the past few years. It helps me feel a little closer to my Mum who use to be a great seamstress. She made all our clothes growing up (until I complained too much about wanting clothes with 'sportsgirl' on them like everyone else) and clothes for my dolls (she use to make and sell cabbage patch clothes for unlce petes toys). She made the dresses for my bridesmaids. She could have made my wedding dress and she slightly regretted she didn't.

She had just started a smocking course when she was diagnosed with leukemia so she could make smoked dresses. I often think how she would have gone to town making clothes for three granddaughters. But then I probably wouldn't have learnt to sew as I would have just put in my orders with her!

At the moment I am on the hunt for any free sewing patterns on the net? Anyone had any good finds?

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  1. Nothing to offer here. You know me. Not my thing. I love the dress you made though. Can I order one for the Minx? Maxabella was talking about a pattern for a pinafore that she loved on her blog some time ago. Perhaps nip over for a look there?