Monday, September 27, 2010

Early morning thoughts...

In the early hours of this morning as JollyJumper decided she would like my company I sat on the rocking chair pondering life's big mysteries. What makes a babies bowels decide that 3am is a good time to defaecate?

JollyJumper only pooed once a week for the first 3 months of her life (great when you are using cloth nappies but not so great when there are days of discomfort beforehand). She has got better but first thought is not to check her nappy for any surprises if she is unhappy.

This lead me to start thinking about Goofy's new toileting habit - to take all her clothes off. I can understand when she is wearing a dress that this can be difficult to hold while doing the business but it is not just the dress that comes off - she has to be completely nude.

I was telling this to a friend who informed me that she used to work with a guy who had the same habit. Yes, he has to be nude to poo! So at work if he needed to 'dropped the kids off' he took off his whole suit. Can you imagine?!?!

Oh where the mind does wander in the quiet of the morning. Here's hoping that JollyJumper spares me any more such wanders and decides to sleep till the sun is up!

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