Monday, September 6, 2010

A new battle...

Gray hair. Not happy Jan. They have multiplied seemingly overnight. A week of no TV for the kidlets and look what happens!

I have recently noticed the odd gray hair here and there but I was not ready for the sight that greeted me this morning as I look a closer look at my hair line. They look like they are planning a full scale assault. I feel very unprepared to go into battle with my latest foe. I thought I had years before I would face this battle.

I haven't had a strategy meeting yet to discuss my defence options.

Do I just let them take over as they will? Do I take them out one by one? Do I launch a chemical attack and smother them? This then leads to the question - with what?  

My first defence - TV is on now!

(an aside - the girls did end up cleaning up with some strong encouragement from U2 on Friday night!)

1 comment:

  1. My hairdresser rather unsubtley started speaking to me about the benefits of semi-permanent hair dye when I was there on Wednesday. Bloody kids! They take over everything - even our hair-colour!