Friday, September 10, 2010

Dancing in the rain....

Today I was literally dancing in the rain! My cousin was playing in his school's pipe band at their garden day so I decided to brave it with all three girls. Just as we got out of the car the first drops began to fall.

MiniMe and Goofy had wisely packed their raincoats. I on the other hand had forgot to check the car umbrella status which had somehow gone from 3 to none. I strapped JollyJumper in the ergo carrier and off we went, hopefully that it was a passing sprinkle.
I felt for the stall owners who were having to cover their beautiful wares as they rain got heavier. Particularly the lady selling soaps - who wants to buy a wet soap even if they are shaped like cute cupcakes?!

The rain didn't perturb any of my little party. There were still lots of pretty things to look at and we all pointed out the things we liked. The gardens were also amazing. We also met up with my aunt and it was great to wander around with her. I was so impressed at how well the girls behaved and it gave me a little glimpse of shopping expeditions in the future to look forward to.

The rain did clear and it became a beautiful sunny day. I might have felt differently had the rain continued but I actually enjoyed being outside with my lovely ladies today doing something a little different on a Friday morning. I was dancing on the inside.

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  1. I love your illustration of the dancing in the rain!!