Monday, September 13, 2010

Business Trip

I'm a mom traveling with my kids. For me, this is not a vacation. It's a business trip. - Claire (Modern Family)

Claire is right. Going on holidays with children is just doing the same thing somewhere else, somewhere less convenient because you don't have all your normal stuff!

We are planning on going on a camping trip soon, the first since JollyJumper has been around, and already I am feeling daunted by the idea of packing. I am really looking forward to being there, all set up, but the process for getting there fills me with dread.

I am not a great packer. I tend to take too much because I figure you never know when you are going to need something. This philosophy started after I went from the Whitsundays to New Zealand and forgot to pack any warm clothes. I still have my fleece I had to buy in the hotel lounge to get warm!

So where to start with packing and when to start packing!? What is essential for a camping trip with 3 small children?

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  1. I love Modern Family and that was a memorable line for me too! We're gearing up for a week away in early October and the getting there and the getting home is already making me nervous... x