Thursday, September 2, 2010

Have I found my style guide?

MiniMe and Goofy have started being very determined to choose their own clothes (but I have to help them put them on!).

Three days a week MiniMe has a school uniform to wear and for that I am very thankful. Goofy on the other hand wants to wear dresses no matter what the weather and preferable with no shoes or jumpers. I am very excited that spring has arrived and I dont have to battle to get layers on.

As I have already pointed out I am not style guru. Last night MiniMe wanted to wear all black (early goth?!) of a navy long t-shirt with navy stockings and a black woollen dress over the top with her black school shoes. We had an argument for awhile as in my head it was going to look terrible but in the end I decided it wasnt a battle worth fighting so off we went. When my mother in law saw her and she commented on how nice MiniMe looked and how well it all went together!

This raised many questions in my mind. At what age do I let them wear whatever they want (as long as it suits the season)? Should I just let go and let them develop their own style? Am I really that bad at judging what looks good? Should I be getting dress tips from them!?!

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  1. Your girls always look lovely. Someone is doing something right (I thought it was you?)