Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daddy Days

Last week I went away with some friends to the mountains for one night. I took JollyJumper with me and left the elder two girls at home with U2.

They had a great time. They went exploring in the bush, went out for dinner and slept in a two man tent set up in their room over night. Things I would never think to do and not all in one day! And this is fantastic - I love that they all had such a great time! I never stress about leaving the girls with U2 which I am thankful for.

The other ladies who went had similar stories. The dads and kids had had a great time doing lots of fun things (expect one dad who unfortunately got stuck with one child vomiting and one child with diarrhea!).

It got me thinking. Because I am at home with the girls all week I don't often think to go and do special fun things. They more or less tag along with me as I do my errands or amuse themselves at home while I tidy/clean/wash/blog. This is one downside of living at 'work' - you cant just pack up and leave the mess at the end of the day, it surrounds you 24/7.

So I have decided I need to have 'daddy days'. Days were I forget about all the things I should be doing and go and do something fun and different with the girls by themselves.

Now I just need to think of some fun things.....


  1. A very nice idea indeed. Fun days! Like an ADO for the SAHM. Love it.

  2. The ideas will come to you! That's a great thing to do and I'm sure the kids will love it. I make an effort to do the same thing :)

  3. Great idea Rob. It's always easier when you stop trying to do what you want to do and try and think what would be the most fun for them (which often turns out fun for you too).

    I knew they'd love the tent (even though I knew it would mean them going to sleep a bit later and waking up earlier). Just as well the walk tired them out.

    I promise to pack it away soon (ok the weekend - it won't realistically happen before then, sorry).