Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm hungry...

"I'm hungry" would have to be the most used sentence in our house.

I am after some assistance. How much food should preschoolers be eating? Am I feeding my children enough or could they be as starving as they make out? How do I fill these bottomless tanks?

The girls have 2 weetbix for breakfast, fruit for morning tea, a sandwich for lunch (in the lunchbox also goes a small amount of cheese/fruit/dried fruit), a banana smoothie and something else for afternoon tea and then dinner. That is at a minimum but generally they will have a few other bits and pieces like apples or carrots.

Yesterday MiniMe was hungry soon after breakfast and I managed to distract her and then she didn't ask for anything till lunchtime - we even missed morning tea! Which leads me to think that they are boredom eaters. Which doesn't surprise me as I am the same. If my mind is empty then I will think of eating and generally eating something sweet. The girls definitely have my sweet tooth too!

Goofy seems to be a grazer as by the time we get to dinner she is suddenly not hungry and that starts a whole other story.....

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  1. Hello! I know those little faces. It's good to see you here in blogland!! It's Coo' sister Bron here, BTW!

    On the subject of food, I'm raising the world's fastest growing boy, so we are in food mode constantly. I find 7 smaller intakes a day helps all 3 of mine along. Generally about 7, 9.30, 12, 2.30, 4 and then 6 for dinner. I find that a protein snack in the morning helps to tide them over until lunch - so maybe some yoghurt? In the afternoon, a couple of rice cakes with cream cheese and cheese sticks plus a piece of fruit and a smoothie / milk with sippa straw does the trick. If I've baked I add a muffin or a slice or something. I also serve cheerios or nutrigrain in a cup as a snack. These are not appropriate breakfast foods in my opinion, but they make a great snack. They can munch on fruit as much as they want, but I try to restrict treats as it can get out of hand really quickly.