Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camping in the rain..

Some people like to sing, others like to dance, we like to camp in the rain!

 It would seem that if you mix camping, the October long weekend and us the recipe is not complete unless you add water, and lots of it.

It rained and rained, stopped for a brief moment and then rained some more on our latest camping trip. The same thing happened the last long weekend too.

 While the rain was a nuisance we still had a great time.

 The girls loved jumping in the muddy puddles (peppa pig style!) and MiniMe took off her training wheels and enjoyed riding around (and through the puddles).

 It was great to just have a break from the everyday routine. The girls didn't leave toys lying around as we didn't take them, the tent didn't need to be vacuumed, the dishes were done after each meal as you needed them to eat off again, dinner were organised before we left so they just had to be reheated and all you could do was sit under the tarp as the rain drizzled around you. And I love going to sleep with the sound of rain falling on the tent.

 The food was good, the company even better. It was a beautiful spot. So all in all a successful camp despite the damp.

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  1. A great summary of a pretty fab weekend! I am posting on camping tomorrow so be sure to put your two bobs worth in. Might use one of your photos if that is okay (I will credit you!)