Friday, October 22, 2010

Storage room..

The room downstairs is 5cm too short to be called a room so it is labelled as storage on the plans.

The storage room is finally in order. It may have taken me 5 years but this week is has finally got to a point were I am happy to let it be.

As you can see from the photos it is the girls play room and they can finally play in it as I have decluttered.

I realised clutter was my enemy. Because we had the room to store lots of toys in this room I did. This meant that whenever I let them loose to play in the room they would cover every inch of floor space with toys. We then had big fights to clean it up as it looked like an insurmountable mess. And it probably was. There were too many toys.

So i got rid of a lot. I realised that I really should have said no when we were generously given bags of hand me down toys (with similar toys to what we already had) and that I should have said no to myself when I decided to keep a lot of my old childhood toys.

I have learnt that less is more.

Now to tackle the craft room.....