Wednesday, October 13, 2010


MiniMe has been taking dance lessons this year. She really loves it and has taken to making up her own routines. Generally they involve making up actions to the song lyrics. Very cute.

She has a concert coming up and I am surprised by the time and cost involved. At her level it only requires me to go and pick her costume up on a designated day and to take her to a half an hour dress rehearsal. The costume is costing us $55 but I then have to get white boy leg underpants and special make up! Tickets are $22 for an adult and $15 for 3 and up! If we want the privilege of watching the production again we can pre-order the DVD for $45 (my concern here is the MiniMe might get stage fright and we will have a DVD of her looking at the floor!).

How do people do this for multiple children and multiple extra-curricular activities?!

I would like to give them the opportunity to experience different things so that they can find what it they enjoy but I get the feeling that you need to be a little thought out in how and when they try things.

MiniMe has already expressed that she wants to keep going to dancing next year whereas I had thought we could change and maybe try a team sport. One activity at a time seems reasonable to me. 

I am thinking of the years to come when I will have three that I am trying to taxi to various activities. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

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  1. You are freaking me out! I deny this problem. If you don't think about it, it isn't there, right?