Friday, October 15, 2010


I do realise that in order to loose the muffin top it is going to take more that reducing my chocolate intake.

I do realise that I will need to exercise as well.

Not quite at this stage...

I now realise how opposed to that idea my body is.

20 sit up and my abs are yelling - leave us along.

A  quick 1.5km walk with a 200m jog after dinner and my legs are not happy Jan.

Not sure if jogging is for me. Jury out.

On the plus side I didn't feel like snacking as much after dinner.

Baby steps.


  1. Baby steps is right...keep going, it is worth it

    Stopped by because I just loved the title of your blog....It is sweet!

    Gill xo

  2. I'm with Park Life. Love your blog name (and your address too). And I love the way you think (and write). Come across and visit me too. xx

  3. Will work towards a run - may need some appropriate running attire!!