Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A night of craft....

Last night I decided I needed to partake in a little bit of craftiness.

This little cuddly for JollyJumper to take to bed as she tries to learn to sleep unwrapped was the result.

I cut out the front piece of a baby suit Mum had bought for MiniMe when she a newborn and was just out of hospital. The suit never was a great fit (wide and short) but the pattern on it I always liked.

I included my sewing basket in the photo as this is one of my favourite gifts (it has lost a few buttons unfortunately). SIL gave in to me when I was getting into sewing. She knew I had my sewing things downstairs so she made me a little basket to keep all the essentials so I could leave it upstairs or carry it up and down in one trip. It was pretty, thoughtful and not something I needed but has made life easier. A great gift.

JollyJumper has just taken the cuddly to bed for the first time so will be interesting to see how she likes it! 

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