Monday, October 18, 2010

Twice Designs....

I love me a bit of hand made prettiness so I was excited to head with SIL to a shopping afternoon that her friend was putting on.

Her business is called Twice Designs. Very clever as she uses recycled materials that once had a different design! For example she felts old jumpers and makes them into clips, brooches etc.

I purchased some lovely felt hair clips, one of which MiniMe is modelling in the above photo.

 (An aside for those who know MiniMe - can you believe this is the same head that took two years to grow any hair!?!).

You can check out more at her blog Twice Designs.


  1. No, I cannot believe it! How pretty her hair is (enhanced by the gorgeous new clip!!). x

  2. Yes I can believe it because I have a daughter who was just the same in the hair department!