Thursday, October 7, 2010

The joy of babysitting...

It was a very calm house I walked into last night at 6:15pm to babysit for a friend. The toddlers were in the bath and the two older boys were happily drawing. They got in the bath when asked, played quietly, hopped out and got dressed when asked. The toddlers read a couple of books, said night night and went to bed without another sound, the boys played snakes and ladders and then when to bed and were quiet.

It was a pleasant evening. It was nice chatting to the older boys, getting to know them a bit better individually. That was what I was there for, to look after them. So I just sat and listened to them tell me stories or patiently played games with them. I wasn't wishing that time would go faster so I could get on with my 'to so' list.

Maybe my house would be calmer over witching hour if I just focused on the job at hand rather than thinking ahead to what else has to be done?

Now, I do realise that children are generally better behaved for other people. I also have to admit that I was not babysitting alone and had arrived after dinner. My friend had very kindly organised a babysitter to come and help till all the children were in bed. I also had JollyJumper with me who was not quite as calm as she was out of her normal routine, so it was not quite so serene.

But it was nice to be given the hope that witching hour does not need to be so witching!

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  1. Thanks so much! I wouldn't have seen the real Buzz Lightyear if it weren't for you :)

    Glad my kids were so well-behaved for you. Not so much for me :(