Thursday, October 14, 2010

Muffin top...

There is nothing like trying on your old pants to give you the kick up the butt you need to start eating better.

While startled to see just how pronounced the muffin top had become it really should have been of little surprise considering my diet. There has been a whole lot of chocolate consumed in the past year. A terrible sweet tooth combined with comfort eating has meant that my tummy has popped out (or not popped back in post JollyJumper).

So I made an immediate decision that it was time to get healthy. Cutting out the treats is my first step. But due to for mentioned sweet tooth I think it unwise to go cold turkey as I will not go the distance and be tucking into a Club dark chocolate bar before you know it.

So I turned to my weight watches cook books. I made a date and pecan slice which is ok but not great. It looks very chocolaty but when you bit in it is disappointingly not. Still thinking about the Club chocolate.

I looked up some recipes online and found one for banana bread which isn't too bad. Doesn't taste too different from the full of fat version.

But I am still searching for something that hits the spot and stops me from wandering to the confectionery aisle.

How do you break a life long habit without going crazy!?! Will power where are you?!?

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