Monday, October 25, 2010


Mr and Mrs Brunch?!
The sun was out on Saturday morning and we were brunching, loving it.

We have some good friends who also have young children so we decided to do a Saturday morning brunch to work with naps and children's happy time.

We had eggs (from our chickens), bacon, roast tomatoes, mushrooms (cooked in garlic, butter, thyme, parsley and cream), spinach (from the garden), potato cakes (mash potato, egg yolk, cheese, chives, parsley), toasted sourdough and sunrise mocktails. Followed by some fruit and coconut bread.

It was a feast and very simple to prepare and cook on the BBQ. I think it could be my new favourite way to share a meal with friends.

So much so we have invited friends around this Saturday to do it all again!

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