Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sppellling Miztacks...

This is an apology (and thanks) for those who read this and must endure my bad spelling and bad grammar.

My mother gave me an out when I was in year 6 when I overheard her tell someone that she blamed my year 3 teacher for my poor spelling abilities. I did not need to hear any more, I quickly walked away pleased with the knowledge that it was not my fault I could not spell and made no further attempts to improve the situation. Thinking back now I wonder what I did hear as my mother was trained as a primary teacher so surely she had a large input into my early spelling/grammar lessons and would not have trusted this job solely to my year 3 teacher!

Spell check has been my greatest friend but maybe also contributed to my downfall as I soon learnt that it didn't matter if I couldn't spell as the magical computer would go along and correct all my mistakes. I also got Mum to proof read a lot of my assignments and she served as another spell check as she was a rather talented speller.

Which had leads me to wonder - is spelling in our DNA? Did I just miss the spelling gene? Or am I just lazy and could do better?

MiniMe wrote me a note this morning - 'sori'. Maybe we can learn together?!

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