Monday, August 23, 2010

U2 is great...

I have always been a little challenged in talking about my feelings, I feel awkward letting what is in my heart and mind flow out of my mouth. If you have ever read 'The five love languages' by G.Chapman (see also I am definitely not good at the words of affirmation (definitely more an acts of service girl!). So when we first started dating and my now husband (U2) would say he loved me I would simply say 'you too' which at times was made into a bit of a joke about the band (which we both think are a great band). Luckily for me U2 has put up with my inadequacies in this area and I am trying to improve. I am hoping that my girls will learn from their father on being open with their feelings. And this is one of the reasons I think U2 and I work so well together - we complement each other and have a good rhythm. Should anything happen to U2 I don't know how I would stand, I would loose my balance as he is so part of how I work, it would be like learning to walk on one leg. I pray that is not a skill I need to learn for a long time, if ever!

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  1. 'Have a good rhythm" - well I could go a lot of places with that but I won't! U2 is a great band, and U2 is a great fella. I think you go okay with words. Keep at it.