Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last week I took a tour of MiniMe'a new school and we were shown the computer rooms were the year 4 students were working on their class blog! As someone who has just ventured into the blogging world I found it quite amusing that these 8/9 year olds were already streaks ahead of me in the technology stakes. Although it shouldn't have surprised me as Goofy seems to be able to navigate U2's iphone as well as, if not better than me! It has made me question how this technology is going to affect their childhood. We had a computer room at primary school but it was a black screen with green writing and the documents that came out looked like they had been typed, our assignments were all hand written and we went to the library to get information for our projects. At high school we use to write letters to each other at night and deliver them in the morning. Only recently have I thrown out my box of letters (including on that was titled, 10 reasons with I hate XXX). It was funny to read what had been the pressing issues of my teenage self. Will my girls keep emails, sms's to one day discover? Or maybe they will have a blog? Will they want me to read it? Will I be friends with them on Facebook? Now there are some thoughts that seem in the very distance, we might first need to get over the hurdle of learning to read and write!


  1. Imagine how I feel! I did my first degree without owning a computer until 3rd year! Technology has come leaps and bounds and I don't even think we can fathom what our kids will do in their day to day lives as adults yet. FB will be well gone by then replaced by something equally mind blowing! Great post DITR!

  2. It amazes me, as well, to see children playing with what seems like pretty complex technology. I just hope I can keep up and won't be an embarrassment to mine when they're older! HA!