Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let the dancing begin...

Captivating. Highly readable. Witty. A beautiful wordsmith. Worth of a great literary prize. Made me laugh and cry and do backflips all at the same time.

This is how I feel the great literary ciritics should descibe my blog. So the pressure to write the perfect first entry has paralyzed me from writing anything at all. But this blog is not for me and it not to be perfect as I am far from perfect (I own up now to being a terrible speller). This blog is for my girls. I want them to get a snapshot into their childhood through my eyes. I have always had grand plans of writing a diary for them or a letter to them on each of their birthdays but that so far has never happened, then I thought a blog would serve the same purpose. My mother died four years ago and I long for some of her thoughts left behind for us to read. I know I secretly hoped she had written letters for us and we would find them one day with some last bits of wisdom or comfort from her. So I guess this is me leaving my girls some love.

It is also for me to make time to sit and be thankful for all the good things around me. Sometimes it is hard to see beyond the piles of washing, unclean floors, toys to trip over but I want to shift my gaze. My life is full of things to be joyful about and I don't want those few pesky storm clouds to be the center of my attention. Let the dancing begin....

Dancing tip - Just do it.

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