Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing MiniMe..

MiniMe is the eldest of my three daughters and is 5 and a half. I was once told that while you love all your children the same there is something special about your first child, they are your guinea pigs who do it all first. They are the first ones to teach the joys of parenting! MiniMe looks and acts like me at a similar age, it is hard to tell our baby photos apart and my Dad tells me the way she behaves is very much like I did too. I too was the eldest child and I think we both fit the stereotype quite well. I recently had to describe her on a school form (she heads to Kindy next year) and I wrote caring and outgoing. She loves people and being around people (and usually in charge!). She loves craft, dancing and playing with her sisters and cousin who is the same age. Imaginative play is also a big time consumer. She loves to 'help' cook and eating is definitely always on her mind. Sometimes her whinging can wear me down but I try to remind myself that that persistence will be a good quality one day! I look forward to seeing how she grows into a young lady as so far I think she has been pretty great.

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  1. She is a delight but a handful all in one cute little package!