Friday, August 27, 2010

Silver turning to gold..

When I was deciding on who would be my bridesmaids I remember my mother once retorting to me, 'Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other is gold'. Three of my bridesmaids I am still in regular contact with and they are definitely gold. They have known me since my teenage years and have decided to keep being my friend (and for that I am very thankful)!

Today I meet up with/called some friends from the mothers group I joined up with when MiniMe was 8 weeks old. We all had our first children within a month of each other and have since had children at similar age gaps. As with any group there a some people you click with more than others and there are a few mums in particular that I have come to rely on over the past 5 years and who I no longer refer to as, 'my friend from mothers group', they are just, 'my friend'. I guess they have turned from silver to gold!

When MiniMe came along i expected a lot of things to change but I didn't realise that it would also mean I would find such great friends. They have been there in the trenches with me as I figure out this mothering business and I have enjoyed being part of their lives and watching their little babies grow into school ready children. When the babies were very young we use to meet at the local pub/tavern (it was empty during the day so was quite accommodating to our, well my, screaming baby) and hopefully in 13 years time we will still be meeting and raising a glass with those little people who use to sit in our laps!!

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