Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing JollyJumper...

JollyJumper is 5 months old and completes the clan. She is doing what most 5 months old do - keeping us up at night, fighting day sleeps and eating an assortment of pureed food. Goofy was definitely the easiest baby (not sure if that was aided by a love for her dummy!) and MiniMe was a challenge (until we figured out she was just hungry and she settled down and has always been great at sleeping through the night) and JollyJumper fits somewhere in the middle (although we had to get rid of her dummy as it was a love hate relationship). At the moment she particularly loves being in the Jolly Jumper and can spends ages in there happily bouncing away. Overall she is a happy little soul and I am enjoying seeing her become more a little person. This morning I thought I may have seen a tooth starting to poke through which gave me a moment of sadness. This is my last baby (well, according to my plans!) and those baby days are whizzing by so fast, I was hoping that gummy smile would stick around a bit longer. I know there are lots of good things ahead but I love that dependence and total love a new baby has for you and that smile that says, I think you are the best thing in the whole world! And those great boombaladars are just so squeezable too but I sure she will be happy those go away!!


  1. Now that I have met minime, jollyjumper and goofy... I am looking forward to what you name da ming! Loving the blog.

  2. Ah! It is kind of sad when the youngest starts to be more than just a 'baby'. I look wistfully back at the twins first six months now but know that I really wouldn't want to be doing the hard bits again :)