Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cute bottom baby...

I started using cloth nappies just before Goofy turned one. I had a friend who had been using them and they didn't look too hard or too much extra work. We had also just decided that there would definitely be a third child so I saw the cost benefit as well.

We went for Many Macs that can be used from birth till toilet training and you just need to buy the appropriate size covers. I have found the Motherease Air-flow the best.
As Goofy got older and not as tolerant to lying down for nappy changes we got some Baby Beehinds all in one large nappies (no covers needed) that she continued to wear at night until she was out of nappies (fortunately our girls have been quick to get out of night nappies - MiniMe was out of them at night before she was toilet trained in the day!)

When JJ was a few weeks old I headed out to the baby expo and bought a few all in one nappies. Some pretty ones, more for me than anything else. They just look cute! The ones pictured are the ones I got from Bambooty. As a child who struggles in the bowel department she has been the perfect baby for cloth nappies (one poo a week for her first few months of life!).

So I save a bit of money on nappies, I am helping the environment and JJ has a cute bottom!


  1. Love a good cloth nappy. I have been SLACK with mine of late. Time poor and cutting corners. I am hoping to get them out of nappies ASAP. As for the night times, well I just posted about that. Four kids. Four nappies. So done!

  2. I'm glad you posted about nappies, so that I found your blog. New follower.

  3. I just had a week break from the cloth nappies while I was on minimal household duties with my sore back.

    Glad you found me too Tat, welcome!