Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain, blogging and peppermint tea...

Tonight there is silence but for the gentle constant sound of the rain.

I have my ritual end of day peppermint tea next to me and I am reading some blogs.

All three elements are working together to create some peace after a somewhat average start to the day.

I was a bit behind the eight ball when I got up a bit too late (lovely U2 let me have a bit a sleep in). Finally got in the car after numerous trips upstairs for forgotten items, get to SIL's house and see DJ not in his school uniform - it's french dress up day (how did I miss this one)! SIL thankfully minds Goofy. Goofy has mad woman hair as she thinks running away from me with the hair brush is a great game, toothpaste all over her mouth to add to the look. Back home to get french clothes for MiniMe (bonjour Paris t-shirt quickly found with red Paris beret). Get to school and have forgot the reader, homework bag and library bag. Notice missing button from my jumper. Drive forgotten work document to U2 at work. Then off to bible study. 9:30am.

The day did improve from here. Lovely morning with five lovely ladies who are such a great safety blanket. Briefly got to speak to a friend who answering machine I had been getting well acquainted with. Spot of tidying and then SIL (also goes by Sink Fairy!) and Aunt were over for afternoon tea.

And now here I am at the end of my peppermint tea.



  1. Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to go back there and back.
    Best wishes

  2. Salut! I hope the Peppermint tea does the trick. I am having a Bundy and Cola if that gives you any insight into my day!?! See you soon. Back online :)