Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everybody knows, Leonard

I knew the deep husky low tones of Everybody knows from the caner advertisements.

I knew of the song Hallelujah sung by many an artist.

I was told that both of these songs had Leonard Cohen as their creator and singer.

With this vast knowledge of Leonard Cohen I headed off to his Songs of love and hate world tour with my father and brother and a friend last night.

I am at a loss at where to start.

I went to a concert that wasn't the Wiggles or Playschool!

I have never been to Acer arena so that in itself was an experience - it is massive! I also learnt probably best to bring your own snacks - $7 for a chocolate!

The support act was fantastic. Clare Bowditch. Beautiful voice and a little quirky. I was even more impressed when I learnt she had twins, she seemed to be embracing life.

Then on skipped Leonard.

He does have an amazing low voice and a beautiful way with words. He recited a poem at one point, silence beside his deep voice, a thousand kisses deep.

There were some amazing musicians too. One guy seemed to be able to play anything, especially wind instruments. Great guitar soloists.

Three encores. I never get encores, one maybe but three!? Some people left after the first one. After four hours I guess they assumed the concert was over!!

It has made me realise that music is a good thing to have in our lives. It just adds something.

I had a great night out, thanks Dad.


  1. Wow, love Leonard and am so envious that you got to experience such an amazing concert with your family. Woo hoooo!

  2. Glad it was fun! I told you you would know his stuff when you got there :)

  3. It was great to see you and share such an awesome experience together. Glad you enjoyed it so much. xx