Friday, November 26, 2010

Fun Friday...

It was sweltering in the warehouse this morning but it didn't phase my two little gymnasts! They hung and swung and jumped with gusto. It took Goofy a little while to warm up to the place but she soon was beaming. 

I took the girls to try out gymnastics today. Goofy has been wanting to go to lessons ever since we went with a friend to the YMCA and my Dad is going to give her some lessons for Christmas so I am trying out the different options around us. Todays was pretty good. It was a bit more that just organised games, it looked like they were learning some basic techniques.

We then headed to the shops where I got them a Slurpee to cool those pink cheeks. We did some Christmas shopping - the girls chose their present for U2. Then to coles for some groceries where they on the whole took turns pushing the child size trolley.

The girls have just been painting - unfortunately Goofy went in for some body art!

So far it has been a fun Friday!

I am off to the physio which is kind of nice this afternoon - I get to lie down for 45 minutes. Then a quick Latina meal as I am going to a Jane Austen movie night at a friends house tonight.

More fun Friday ahead! What has your Friday been like?

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