Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red head..

Yesterday Goofy was very excited. She meet another little girl her age with hair the same colour.

We were waiting (45mins!) in the doctors waiting room when in came another girl with the same shade of red hair and the same length. Had it had a bit of a curl to it they could have had the same wig on.

Goofy showed such delight at seeing someone like her.

It made me wonder what goes on in her little mind. Many strangers stop and comment on her curly red hair and mostly she hides her head in my leg. Her response yesterday made me think that maybe she does realise there is something a little unique about her. (Not that red hair is particularly uncommon but it is a bit more unusual.)

I wonder what role her red locks will play in her life? Will they just be part of the backdrop that she never thinks about, the jewel she proudly displays or the thing she tries to hide?

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