Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny tots Tuesday ... My room?

We have just done a reshuffle of the girls sleeping arrangements.

Goofy now has her own room and MiniMe and JJ are together. Goofy and MiniMe were taking a long time to go to sleep as they were up to shenanigans and then Goofy was waking up MiniMe in the morning.

This morning they managed to stay in their own rooms quietly till 7am which was a breakthrough.

However, it has got me thinking as to how important it is to have your own space as a child. MiniMe now sleeps in one room and has her clothes in another. I have taken to calling the rooms the 'purple room' and the 'cubby house room' (JJ cot is under the one side of the top bunk creating a cubby house) so that she still feels like she has some ownership as she plays in her old room. I like the idea that everything is shared.

However I speak as a person who has never shared a room. Have you shared a room? What did you like/dislike? Any tips for young players?

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