Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Woohoo Wednesday!

Finally our internet speed is back to normal . We had reached our data allowance a couple of weeks ago and I have been battling with a snails pace internet connection so it great that today is the 1st December and we are back to normal. Woohoo!

I think I may be finished my Christmas shopping. Woohoo!

I spent a lovely day with a very dear friend on Monday. Woohoo!

I have had very kind Dads (U2 and BIL) take the kids to school the last two mornings so I haven't had to take everyone in and out of the car in the rain. Woohoo!

JJ looks like she might attempt crawling soon which will save my aching arms. Woohoo!

The countdown to Christmas is on.  Woohoo!
(An aside - We started our Advent calender this morning. do you start at 1 or 24?)

Anything making you go woohoo?

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